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Chakra Healing

Heal your mind,  body and soul

As souls, our natural state is loving, peaceful, balanced, and harmonious. Our energy centers are open and our energy flows freely in and around our bodies. However, over the course of our lifetime, we experience fear, anger, sadness, insecurity, and these negative thoughts and experiences create blockages in the energy in and around our physical bodies. When our energy is not flowing freely, we experience dis-ease in our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 


Chaka healing helps you clear your energy and reconnect to your original pure authentic self. Just like you shower daily it's important to clean and clear your energy as well. 


With each session, you will feel lighter, clearer, and filled with peace and joy. Your life will start flowing effortlessly, your health will improve and your relationships will blossom. 

I will scan your chakras to understand where your energy is blocked. If you have been experiencing a specific physical plain or discomfort we will begin by addressing that. Each session is tailored to your needs.


After each session, I will give you a personalized affirmation and exercises to repeat until our next session. 

I suggest a minimum of seven sessions to be able to address each chakra. 

*All sessions are held on zoom.

Single session: $111

 7 sessions package:  $500

How it works

Chakra Healing

provides transformational support with:

  • Chronic pain

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Burnout

  • Depression

  • Physical illness

  • Reinvigorating inspiration and creativity

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Better sleep 

Peace and relaxation 

Positive thinking 

Emotional balance

Higher energy levels 


Health improvement

Harmony in relationships

Confidence and self belief 

Spiritual growth 

Self awareness


What are Chackras and

how can they get blocked?

Our physical body is soaked in energy like a sponge is soaked in water. This energy field in and around our bodies is called Aura. Our Aura is not evenly distributed, there are centers where energy is concentrated. The energy in and around these points moves in a circular motion, which is why it was given the name Chakra, that in Sanskrit means "wheel". We have 7 major Chakras in our body and hundreds of minor ones. Each of these centers has its own frequency, its own consciousness, its own glands, its own hormones, its own brain and its own thoughts. Our negative thoughts, traumas, and emotions have the power to block our chakras and interfere with their energy flow, resulting in pain on a physical level as well as on an emotional level.

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Gift yourself a better life

Client testimonials

"During a challenging time in my life, Cecilia's Mind and Soul coaching was recommended to me by close friends. Her open personality and positive energy immediately created a safe environment to freely open up about personal concerns. Every session allowed me to discover something new about myself through guided meditations, conversations, and affirmations. It helped me better deal with immediate stressful situations but even more importantly started in me a curiosity to further discover myself."

Felix, Berlin

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